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Originally Posted by Rabbi View Post
No, there is no way to be kind about this. You dont know what you are talking about or again, you didnt understand the conversation.

There is nothing you can say, there is no argument that can overcome that at this point. What you just posted is nonsense. You dont know what the word "science" means.

To put it into context, what you have done here in this thread, is similar to reading a book in a language you dont understand, at all, then insisting on what the book was about to someone who actually knows that language.
Ok, whatever you say. I was pretty blunt with my brother in law about how I always thought of physics being a science. He explained to me the position of the engineers. I didn't really care since I am not an engineer or a physist therefore I do not have a dog in this fight. My brother in law I suspect didn't really care either since he has to help the chancellor keep the school running and not get involved in pissing contests except to tell people to knock it off.

Maybe my brother in law did not get that it was a joke and passed it onto me. He is one of those guys running numbers all day and forgets that there is more to life than numbers.

Rabbi if you want to be a dick about it go ahead. I really could care less what you think of me. No wonder your first wife left you.
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