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Originally Posted by gjk5 View Post
Do not go with Quicken. They are idiots, minimum wage monkeys in a telemarketing cage.

How much does he owe on the home? If it is less than $100K (maybe even $150K) don't touch it.
He owes 98k on a 238k home.

If they can make the loan and offer a lower percentage, what difference does the company make?

Originally Posted by jame View Post
Reducing debt and increasing assets beats the hell out of deductions.

Tell him to go to a credit union, and refinance for 2.87 @15/yr.

I just did.
I agree with you and said essentially the same. But he insists on a 30 year.

He says he likes being able to make the deduction, plus he can invest the difference in the monthly note elsewhere.
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