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Originally Posted by certifiedfunds View Post
I'm sorry but have you looked at the other side of the ball?

Obama's never held a real job and Biden's a studdering idiot.
THAT'S what I'm talking about!!!1!

I, too, am intoxicated and watching the LSU game, so I will make an analogy:

Imagine that you had to fight... I don't know... someone way over-hyped who never delivered... but with a large fan base of complete and total idiots... say, KIMBO SLICE.

They would be like, "Kev, in one month you have to step into the octagon with Kimbo Slice for $1M!" and I'd be like... yeah, he doesn't really have a lot of "technique," but I must respect his Style. There are several strategies to defeat his style... this one best matches up with my own capabilities... so blah blah blah...

NOW... imagine that the Friday night before the fight, Kimbo gets drunk and crashes his car. He has a cracked skull, brain hemorrhaging, one good eye, two broken arms, one broken leg, and they shaved his beard to wire his jaw shut. BUT HE STILL HAS TO FIGHT...

Oh... and he's still hung over...

Mittens is the challenger that could lose that fight.
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