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Originally Posted by Peace Warrior View Post
They were imploded from the top down. If you insist on arguing semantics, such as to say it is not an implosion if it doesn't occur from the bottom up, you win this one as I wouldn't know what else to refer to such an implosion as.
So you find it more reasonable to believe that we had a perfect implosion that had never been tested, in a brand new form, from the top down, with zero prep work, explosives covertly placed inside two (three!) of the busiest office buildings in the world that somehow no one noticed, that were placed at exactly the right height to coincide exactly with the impact location of two planes, that left no trace whatsoever, while thousands of people involved in the airlines, government, families of the people on the airliners, local authorities, etc were all in on the conspiracy, for the sole purpose of starting a war in the middle east or Afghanistan that we could have started for any number of other reasons....

Or: Militant Islamists that hate the US carried out a second terrorist attack on the WTC after failing in 1993.

Hmm. Mkay.

Occam's Razor. You should try it sometime.
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