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I'm a supervising electrician in Chicago and have been in business for 18 years. The neutral caries the difference between the phases. For example if the black has a load of 15 amps. and the red is 10 then the neutral is carrying 5 for that circuit. The wire you are referring to is larger than 12. I haven't seen a setup like this before though, looks like a #8. The manufacturer probably sells a bar that would tie the two busses together, and may be a better way of doing it. The bar on the right may be meant for grounding only. Can't really tell from the picture, but is looks to be isolated from the panel with plastic standoffs. We also don't use the SE type of cable in the picture, which is basically unprotected from the transformer to the main breaker (unless there is a breaker on the meter fitting). Panel should have come with a bonding screw also, but can't really see it. Still waiting to hear where the #6 ground (min. for 200A. panel) is.

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Kids are good for checking to see if wires are hot or not.
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Is it me, or is all your neutral current (the bus on the right) going through a single 12AWG piece of bare wire? And where exactly are the neutral and the ground, are they tied together some place ahead of the panel?

Any professional electricians here on the board?
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