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Originally Posted by CAcop View Post
I at first thought it was a joke and my brother in law said that they were in fact serious about it. I did not grill him on it because I did not really care that much other than, "Gee, that's interesting."

Apparently the gripe that engineers have with physics people is the lack of a product so to speak. Much of it is theoretical and intangible.

For instance. The big bang theory. It is a theory. Whereas an engineer can say look at what I built.

As to where he heard it and why I suppose I could ask him but I do not care. My guess is that in these tight budget times each discipline on campus is looking to get their slice of the ever shrinking budget. The engineering deparment may have wanted to boot the physics department out of the science department. Or they wanted to get my brother in law to drop physics classes in favor of theirs.

I believe my brother in law because he has been duking it out with the swells of college campuses for 15 years or so on three big campuses. When I was an undergrad I knew there were big egos to be fed on campus but it was not until my brother in law told me what goes on behind the curtain that I realized the level of pettiness and drama.

I also beleive it because everybody thinks or wants their Johnson to be bigger than the next guy's. If not the biggest then theirs is the best. Most people, including very smart people, have not matured beyond 8th or 9th grade. Take a look around here. I have seen people here argue the following degrees are the hardest: law, medicine, physics, engineering, CS, IT, education, and accounting. They all can't be right, yet they insist they are.
No, there is no way to be kind about this. You dont know what you are talking about or again, you didnt understand the conversation.

There is nothing you can say, there is no argument that can overcome that at this point. What you just posted is nonsense. You dont know what the word "science" means.

To put it into context, what you have done here in this thread, is similar to reading a book in a language you dont understand, at all, then insisting on what the book was about to someone who actually knows that language.
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