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Originally Posted by snowbird View Post
Do you think "Fish!!!" isn't a non-sequitur?
I have stated it is on more than one occasion. It's a meaningless, poorly thought out, irrelevant response to a meaningless, poorly thought out, irrelevant response. It's just shorter than yours.

Originally Posted by snowbird View Post
But the topic is, can a Muslim be a "good" American? Let's examine some evidence, scientifically.

First, today's total of deadly Muslim attacks since 9/11 has now gone up to 19,709. Do we expect "good" Americans to do deadly terror attacks? If not, why are we still letting Muslims immigrate here? Terror is what Islam teaches Muslims to do.

Next, look at that poor Muslim girl in Arizona who was just in court with her Allahphrenic family -at 19, she had refused an arranged marriage to a 38-year-old man, and so, her father, mother and younger sister burned her face and chest with a hot spoon, and left her tied to a bed for a long time (false imprisonment and torture). Is this the behavior of "good" Americans? If not, why are we still letting Muslims immigrate here?

Next, look at what just went down in Egypt. Two bearded Muslims saw 4 elementary schoolgirls walking along the sidewalk eating ice popsicles. They knocked the popsicles out of the girls' hands and began yelling at them to be "modest". The girls started crying. Is this "good"? Is this what we want in America?

Finally, notice that in Pakistan, a Muslim just stabbed his daughter to death "on suspicion of immoral behavior". Got that? Stabbing your daughter to death is okay in Islam, but not suspected "immoral behavior".

Allah knows best, right? Judging by how you constantly attack counterjihadists, support Islam, and never agree that we need to stop Islamic immigration, that unAmerican phrase must sum up what you think. Against all objective evidence, you conclude that Muslims, with all of their murderous terrorism, honor killings, and misogyny can be perfectly "good" Americans. You welcome jihadic bloodshed on our shores and the end of freedom..but you forget that not all Americans are such unscientific, unreasoning traitors.
And what does any of that have to do with'
No religious laws have been established in the Constitution and never will.
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