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Originally Posted by Nalapombu View Post
Meathead, that's a cool lookin' Glock for sure. Nice work.

Thank you all for the recommendations.

the drive down to Katy to check out Cold Bore Customs sounds interesting. I like to check out parts of the state I haven't seen yet. Only been here 8 months.
I looked at their website and they do have some great looking custom work to choose from. The only Glock I have right now is a G19 in OD Green. I like the way it is now and don't know if I would want to do any changes to it. I am looking into the work for a 20 or 21. I am thinking about one of those to use for backup when I go pig hunting. Not a hunting handgun, just a backup. The 20 and 21 are BIG frames, as you all well know, and they aren't very comfortable in my hands. I haven't handled the sf framed models so I don't know how well they would fit my hand.

I'm guessing the work they would do to make the 21 more comfortable to those that have smaller hands would be to get rid of the finger grooves and just reduce the diameter of the grip and stipple what's left. Is that about right? I'd like to check out one of those to see what it did feel like. Who know's, I might like it enough to have it done on my G19.

Do you all think that Cold Bore would have some work samples there for people to handle and look at if they stopped by?

Thanks again,

Not sure but I wouldn't be surprised to see if they had customer worked or demo pistols available for you to see and handle.
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