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Originally Posted by tantrix View Post
That was actually my first reaction after I picked my bike up, I headed towards his vehicle to yank him out and whip his ass but a state trooper a few cars behind us witnessed the entire thing and calmed me down. I'm kind of glad for the adrenaline though, as the pain from my injuries didn't kick in until later. Now, I'm hurting pretty good.

I know, not the best reaction but I was beyond pissed.

Dude - I'm glad I'm not the only one. I hear so many stories of d-bags on cell phones hitting bikers and I just dread that day. Not for the pain, road rash, etc. But because just thinking about it makes me want to make that inattentive driver 124 grains heavier. Damn careless cagers. Luckily the trooper was there. I can just see myself getting pushed off the road - the driver who hits me keeps going and I have to go through my own insurance company OR I get hit by someone with no insurance. For being in a bike wreck you did pretty well...all things considering.

Not bad...clutch lever was straightened completely out, rash on the exhaust, grip, and footpeg. The bike actually took less damage than I did. No worries though, his insurance is going to pay for it anyway. I lived, the bike survived, all is well.

Thats very good news.
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