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Goofy question, but does anybody know when S&W...

...changed the style of the ampersand (&) between "Smith" and "Wesson"?

I'm trying to figure out when my new-to-me 39 was built. It has the ampersand with the larger curve. I have many Smiths and just went through my whole collection. The only other model I have using that ampersand is my 1955 K-frame revolver, so I'm thinking the 39 is pretty old.

You can see the difference in the ampersand between my 39 and 539.

I notice quite a few small details and I know its a goofy question, but does anyone have an answer? If you have an old Smith with the early ampersand, what year is it?

I'm hoping somebody knows. After all, I just went through every Smith I own looking at ampersands.

Thanks, in advance, for any help.

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