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Originally Posted by CAcop View Post
All I pointed out was that another poster in a PM mentioned that he thought you had another screen name. He gave it as DanaT. I did not beleive him at first but a few weeks ago I saw a thread where you, DanaT, and I beleive it was October Rust seemed awfully close to one another in terms of arguments.
Actually, since you have caught me, I should probably come clean. We are not the same person. In fact, we aren't even people. We are advanced computer algorithms that are designed to respond to messages are posted and try to elicit responses from people.

We do this, because we are searching for enemies of the New World Order. We assemble lists of names, trace IP address, associate these with browsing history. We have access to back door access in Windows and IOs where we are able to access anything on your computer. We compile lists of "friends and enemies" of the New World Order. The main frame we "live" in is based in Davos Switzerland.

What is good, is that even though it has been admitted you wont believe it because that, by definition would make you a tin-foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist. So you will dismiss all of this and I have nothing to worry about.

PS. I am the lucky one of the two of us because I get to be with Number 6
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