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Originally Posted by Brucev View Post
It's your house. It's your choice. Personally, I simply secure the premises in a common sense manner. Multiple locks may or may not be effective. There are many good options for doors/windows, etc. A fence is a wonderful and often attractive way to greatly add security to ones property... and at the same time add value.

In my case, someone trying to gain entry into the house will have to come off the street, negotiate the gate... the dog... come up the drive to the house... get in through most likely the car port door... and then they will face me. As soon as they approach the house motion detectors will alert me to their presence. If I consider them a threat, I will punch 911 and wait for them to enter the house. If the police arrive promptly, they'll have fun trying out their latest training routine on the criminals outside the house. If they should batter the door off its hinges and enter the house, I will be waiting. In the last 33 years, I have not had to entertain any such uninvited guest. Reason? In the first few years of being married, I learned to secure windows and doors effectively.
Sounds like a good layered plan.

My house is in a gated community, so we are not allowed fences, gates, or dogs unleashed. I have little faith in our security patrols, and little respect for them, as they are largely ineffective. Hence, numerous locks, hoping that they will provide me enough time to get a gun aimed at the door and whatever comes through it.

Hopefully my preparations will never be tested.
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