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Originally Posted by certifiedfunds View Post
Cities don't have any money but what they take from the citizens.

Employees make contracts with cities.

Citizens don't can't or won't pay any more.

Employees don't have contracts with the citizens.

The same power that government has which allows it to compel citizens to pay taxes can be used against employees too, allowing them to not pay if they can't.

As a tax payer when push comes to shove I think there are better uses for my money than paying unrealistic pensions.
As I have said before, I believe this is a matter of contract law and agree with CACop on this. What is owed from the past was compensation that was agreed to. The govt agencies need to find a way to fullfil past obligations because right or wrong, the employees fulfilled theirs.

That said, that doesnt mean past contracts / services provided are bind on future contracts / services that will be provided by employees. Maybe some of coming up with the money to fund the pensions means cutting back current employees.

I believe people need to pay their debts before buying new toys. Same with these pensions. To me they are a debt. They need to be settled. That may mean cuts in other places.
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