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Originally Posted by certifiedfunds View Post
Cities don't have any money but what they take from the citizens.

Employees make contracts with cities.

Citizens don't can't or won't pay any more.

Employees don't have contracts with the citizens.

The same power that government has which allows it to compel citizens to pay taxes can be used against employees too, allowing them to not pay if they can't.

As a tax payer when push comes to shove I think there are better uses for my money than paying unrealistic pensions.
Go ahead stamp your feet. I am sure they will hear you in I'LL or CA.

You live in LA you have some of the worst schools and law enforcement agencies in the country. You also have some of the lowest paying jobs in those areas. You get what you pay for. You also get what you deserve.

CA and IL want more. Let them have it. And before you say your tax dollars pay for it they don't. Your state receives more money than it gives. And spare me "without the gulf you would have nothing." Martinez, Bakersfield, and Santa Barbara.
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