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Originally Posted by certifiedfunds View Post
Still waiting for CACOP to tell me which 3 accounts are mine. He seems to have suddenly disappeared.
I did not say they were yours. I suspected they were yours. I do not care who or what you are. You have no affect on my life.

All I pointed out was that another poster in a PM mentioned that he thought you had another screen name. He gave it as DanaT. I did not beleive him at first but a few weeks ago I saw a thread where you, DanaT, and I beleive it was October Rust seemed awfully close to one another in terms of arguments.

Of course since I did not and still do not care what you do in your free time I never really looked it over. This thread and the other one going on here made me think about it again.

I was giving advice to a fellow poster who took your comments to heart in a negative fashion. I wanted to remind him that things are not always what they appear online. Anyone could be anything online. He should never really care about what some anonymous person thinks.

I come here to debate because I get bored from time to time when I am not working. I used to go to the gym or more likely go on long hikes in sunny CA. Now I watch my little kid, glad that I can make a good enough living to support her and my wife. When I have time I stop in and debate you and others for fun.

Enjoy your day. I know I will.
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