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Winter is threatening here in MN also. We haven't had snow yet in my area, but it usually comes at least by Halloween.

I like little critters and birds so my feeder (10 foot long, 10 feeders) is getting significant attention from the Southerly travelers today. I figure I am going through 40 lbs. of High Oil Sunflower seeds every 5 days.

The heated bird bath is also very busy. fun to see the birds go from chowing down, to the bath, get a drink, and back to the feeder. Who said no "in flight food".

Got a little tame rabbit running around the neighbors yard. So cute. At 2 AM I go into the back yard and he comes running over to the fence to get something to eat.

Drought here, so I give him veggies with high water content. He eats out of my hand. So cool.

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