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Originally Posted by Ragnar View Post
... Your credibility takes another shot. You obviously neither read nor comprehend what I and others have written. I never said I was a pilot. You ASSume facts that are not in evidence. But you do that a lot.
The following is what YOUposted:
Originally Posted by Ragnar View Post
... I have 2,000 hours on military 707's. For takeoff, rotation at about 140-142 kts, gear up around 170. For landing (flaps down) approach was a little over 150.

So, no, the 707 was not planned for 600 mph.
For the record, and more for my curiosity, if you're not a pilot, WHY THE **** DO YOU KEEP AN OFFICIAL LOG WHEN YOUR SIMPLY THE PASSENGER ON A PLANE?!? You said, " I have 2,000 hours on military 707's. " Okay, that threw me, I admit it. You're hilarious!

Forgive me for "assuming facts not in evidence."

So in reality, you're just gear in the rear as far as actual pilots are concerned and also one who uses stats from published flight characteristics or Microsoft flight sims to be a know it all on the internet.

Got it!
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