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Originally Posted by noway View Post
PW what's your thought on the Pentagon plane that hit the side of the Pentagon at suspected 500+ mph and only 10-20ft off the deck by a student pilot that had documented fly time but was rated by his instructors as even bad or worst that they ever seen.

So a guy with no flying experience within a jumbo 757 jet and could barely fly a Cessna, now could fly a 757 in a airspace he's not familiar with, & at speeds that even most commercial pilots that you should speak to would say is next to impossible unless your an expert or had numerous years ( which the Pentagon Pilot did not ).
Honestly, I do not even know if a plane ever hit the Pentagon, but one thing is for sure, it was NOT AA77 as stated by the government's cover up story.

So many video cameras and yet nothing of substance has been released concerning the Pentagon event. IIRC, over 22 cameras should have been recording the area around and at the impact sight, and yet the gubmint only releases five cherry picked stills made from a video.

Some people have claimed the dates on the stills, when first released, were 09-12-2001, but I've never been able to verify that one.

Please see:
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