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[QUOTE=DanaT;19490740]I will let you in on a little secret...well not so much of a banking is done through a Swiss bank... Could not care less where you do your banking. Your a U.S. citizen. You should be taxed just like you lived in the domestic U.S. I say tax you up the wazo... and if you don't like it, you can simply give up your U.S. citizenship and go somewhere else. It's no loss to the U.S.

so yeah. I want that 46% to pay their taxes. Your wants won't hurt you!

The money that is not in the USA was NOT EARNED IN THE USA. It is not the peoples money. If I have $20 in my pocket I dont have to spend it. I can "park" my money if I want. Could not care less where the money was made. You are a U.S. citizen. That's what matters. Don't like it. Go blow. Happily those who vote will ultimately decide this matter. And there are not enough off-shore money parkers to outvote those who will elect the representatives who will bring the sort of change America can use.

Its my money. So what? So is land, houses, etc. And if you don't pay the property tax, etc., you loose it to the tax man. Tough. So if you want to keep it, you pay up. Your whining about your money is no different. You don't get to earn it without paying tax. Working people do it all the time. Exactly the same principle applies even when the money is earned by whoever wherever.

I cant even believe I am responding to such a fool. I wish you worked for me. I would fire you on principal. You could try. You could try to hire me. But I doubt you have the coin for that sort of thing. And... as to firing on principle, you'd first have to have some shred of principle. In that you are severely lacking in the extreme.
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