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Originally Posted by Ragnar View Post
Now I know that you're completely clueless.

Page 302 of the document YOU linked to at

does not say that. The above that you have quoted is from page 305.

You've been using a DRAFT document on a whackjob site as evidence. Amateur mistake.

is using a DRAFT document and you fell for it. ...
Pretty slick...

Release a public draft, gather and collect the information, as per the peer review from other professionals and per the general critique by the public at large, and then finally amend the report so as to nullify NIST's own glaring mistakes concerning facts and impossibilities in the public draft. (This stratagem would revolutionize internet threads. )

Hey bud, there are some professional people still working at NIST who hang there heads in shame whenever meeting up other professionals who have critiqued and peer reviewed their work concerning 09-11-2001. The NIST people know they've lied, and they feel the shame knowing others know they lied.

Historical revisionism is not new.
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