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Terrible situation indeed. A hard look needs to be taken at how communications broke down that led the Agents to mistake one another for a hostile. It would not be hard to do at night, and in the heavy terrain along many parts of the border.

Originally Posted by Clutch Cargo View Post
BS - You are out of your mind! Killing your own has NEVER been more accertable in the military. You sir, should be absolutely ashamed of yourself for posting that.
I'll let him defend himself, but I think he might have meant that it's more likely in the military. Not "acceptable" in a non-caring or "oh well" kind of way. It's just the nature of dynamic battle conditions and lack of communication, which is often terrain-based and nobody's fault in particular. That's how I took his statement anyway, and I agree with it.

Law enforcement has those incidents and the same risks, but not as often as soldiers in combat.
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