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Originally Posted by Ragnar View Post
Bull. You're no engineer if you actually believe that. ...
I'm not a building engineer, but I worked with hand in hand with them for roughly 12 years out of a 22 year career in structural concrete.

I NEVER heard of anyone of them NOT over designing/building by a factor of at least 1.5, and most of them will tell you they feel better signing off after designing the over build by factor of 3 or more.

I am in NO WAY embellishing these facts. My life, and the lives of every other worker and every other person to use the structure after we were finished was and is always in their hands.

Case in point: We needed to use two cranes to make a lift. One we had to place on a bridge. Our company's engineers said it would be okay, but FlaDOT actually called in the original engineer who designed the bridge in order to get his views/approval. I was at the meeting when he demonstrated to FlaDOT that his design was actually three times stronger than it was "supposed to be." He approved our using the second crane from the bridge span due to the overbuild he designed into it.

But since you're here, what say you about this video?
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