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Originally Posted by Brucev View Post
Are you kidding about exemption from paying tax? Then welcome to the right side! Start with the corporations and the wealth who have parked trillions of dollars overseas and in the little islands south of the U.S. to avoid paying their taxes! Start with them... then you'll have so basis to talk about taxing. Until then, you and your type whining about the 47% are just blowing in the wind.
I will let you in on a little secret...well not so much of a banking is done through a Swiss bank...

so yeah. I want that 46% to pay their taxes.

The money that is not in the USA was NOT EARNED IN THE USA. It is not the peoples money. If I have $20 in my pocket I dont have to spend it. I can "park" my money if I want.

Its my money.

I cant even believe I am responding to such a fool. I wish you worked for me. I would fire you on principal.
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