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Originally Posted by Brucev View Post
So... given your great concern for excellence in education, when will you be graduating and entering the class room to bring your outstanding job skills and expertise to the process of educating the future of America? Get qualified... get in the classroom and show everyone what you can do! Get with it! Be the man you say everyone in education should be! Man up and face the challenge! Keep everyone posted on your day to day success as you put into action all the knowledge and insight you claim to possess. Surely you are not simply standing around sipping coffee and complaining... are you?
Silly post. I'm dissatisfied with the service I receive at wal mart too. Should I change careers and become an associate?

I put my kids in private schools. I'm quite pleased.

I also endowed a scholarship at the private high school I attended.

That's how I choose to address the problem.

Still not sure what your point is.
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