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Originally Posted by MulletLoad View Post
Peace Warrior,

it's time for another "retard" moment courtesy of me, the one who beat you down during the previous 9/11 circle jerk. ...
Your memory is as self-aggrandizing as is your misplaced ego, which both for you are flawed and fading fast. (No problem dude, my memory ain't what it used to be either. So I understand.)

Did you ever go and have your butt handed to you on the Pilots for 911 truth site? I never heard back from Rob,the sites admin, so I guess you knew better than talk your **** around other aviation professionals whom, unlike you, have done their due diligence to be finders of fact instead of a retard with an internet connection.

Rob still thinks your a fake, internet, wanna be microsoft sim playing retard. (NOTE: I didn't say that, I am just relaying the gist of his sentiments.) If you contact him, he will keep your name and conversation private if you ask him too, besides, according to him, your name should already published and publicly available through the FAA's website.

Anyway, he will NOT divulge anything about you if you ask him not to. I'll make a deal with him so that he will send you FREE all the stuff you'll need to see the light if you really are a pilot as you claim.

Heck, wait, with your failing memory, maybe you just forgot about all this from the last time huh?
Originally Posted by MulletLoad View Post
... Since a B757 will "come apart" at 600 mph, wouldn't that explain the parts of the United 93 found a distance from the crash site? ...
Wow, you're saying a 757 will reach 600 mph at less than 1000 feet! Oh well, you claim to be the professional pilot that flies them all day, but I'll be sure to find out the flight characteristics to see if that is true.

You're the one who claimed/is claiming that UA93 had/has a crash site. I never said that last we spoke before the thread was closed.

Originally Posted by MulletLoad View Post
... You remember don't you, ...
Hilariously funny coming from you... X6 (I spilled my coffee from laughing so hard. Serious!)

Originally Posted by MulletLoad View Post
... the Illumanati shot it down was basically your stance from the earlier threads, and parts of the aircraft were found away from the PA crash site as a result? ...
UA93 and the illuminatti? The UA93 plane shot down? UA93's parts? Wow man, I've never took that stance the last we spoke. I know, let me ask ya this first, did you stop taking your meds recently?

Oh wait, never mind, we will just stack it up to another bout of failed and failing memory from you," or maybe your selective memory and self-aggrandizing ego. (Internet pilots... what are ya gonna do?)

Originally Posted by MulletLoad View Post
... Funny thing is that your so delusional, you don't realize your circular logic just ends up screwing yourself. ...
Nice try sir.

Originally Posted by MulletLoad View Post
... Thanks for playing, you're losing 62-0
You're starting to quote ridiculous scores there pal. (The worst you and have ever done is tie, and I'm being nice to defer to say that about it.)

Since you've opened the door, allow me to quote a more realistic score, related to your internet proclamations of being a pilot and the guesstimated number of pilots who actually flew the planes involved with the 09-11 event.

Them- 3 pilots who put their names to the claimsAND WHO HAVE ACTUAL COMMAND TIME IN THE AIRCRAFT USED ON 09-11-2001.

You-1 without his name to anything AND SO FAR, ONLY AN INTERNET ASSERTION HE IS A PILOT. (Again, I don't know either way about you, but your mistakes, ludicrous assumptions, answers and fantastically convoluted logic made other pilots think maybe you're not who you say.)

Hmmmm.... At least 3 to 1. Looks like you're losing pal.

Additionally, as professional pilots, they have done their due diligence as far as putting their names to the claims, investigating, and ferreting out facts that blow the official government cover up story out of the water.

All the while, for the last 11 plus years, as far as I know, you simply sat on your fat *** at a keyboard and whined to others about what you THINK happened with the planes and the buildings at Ground Zero.

Here's proof that 7WTC was imploded, I guess you'll just eat a sammich, sip a beer, and deny this video's validity too.
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