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Originally Posted by sourdough44 View Post
There is no $$$, the Federal Gov't is borrowing 40 cents for every dollar spent. A painful adjustment is in store.
No money? That is a lie. The money is in the pockets and vaults of people. Tax it. Take is and pay the bills. Cut the dod to the level that is actually needed to defend this nation... not for them to be rent-a-boy for every little useless spat throughout the world. The little boys w/ blue hats can take care of that.

Increase the income tax, eliminate the ability of corporations and the wealthy to avoid paying tax, use a tax rate structure such as stood under Reagan's first term... when even the capital gains tax rate under Reagan was 28%... and remove the cap on Social Security earnings so that everyone pays up on everything they make regardless of the source... wages, tips, salaries, and... dividends, interest, etc.

No money? That is just a lie... the sort of big lie that people are supposed to believe... if it is told enough. Problem for the liars is, no one believes them.
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