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Originally Posted by DanaT View Post
If a person borrows a money to buy a house, mercedes, and a bunch of credit cards, all with legally binding contracts where they PROMISED to pay the money they got back, and then later they cant pay it back, do you support not allowing these people to file bankruptcy and be forced to pay what they promised to pay?
If a man/woman works for a govt.... or a company, regardless, and is promised a pension... and they pay in but the employer doesn't hold up their end, I support destroying that employer financially if that's what it takes to pay the pension owed. Specifically I support the wholesale confiscation, liquidation of any and all assets of any and all who are the employers. And given that they have acted in a fraudulent manner, that includes their personal property, regardless of any supposed insulation by law, even if they are incorporated, etc.

Now... if that fries someones grits about the law, tough. When the law is used to do what is wrong, then no man has any obligation to respect much less obey that law. And that applies no matter how much the law makers and the law buyers complain.
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