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Originally Posted by OctoberRust View Post
Ah but that's why you fortify your home. I spend much of my time in the bedroom where my entertainment is. TV, computer, girlfriend, etc. Right next to me, my mossberg 500, and depending if I have pants on, glock 19 in my pants.

Now in order to get to my bedroom, you need to first bust open my locked door, neutralize the two dogs I have in the living room (rottweiler that isn't too friend'y with strangers to begin with and a german shepherd) THEN go to the right room of course, and get past that locked door. I think even if you knew my home's layout, I'd still have plenty of time to grab my mossberg 500 and flip the safety off it.
I personally prefer using all my property rather than just a few rooms, without obsessing over the infinitesimally small possibility that indians may launch a raid. Common sense step taken to secure the premises will just about entirely negate any need to go around cocked and locked twitching waiting for the possibility of a bump in the night.
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