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Originally Posted by Beretta92guy View Post

well, scrap the new gun.......

i had my truck serviced before going out to the range.....just got hit with a $350 reapair bill :(

thanks for everyones input, gonna have for some cash flow before i get anything :(

Oh well, trucks are more important than guns anyway.

Buy some ammo and shoot the Beretta 92 (I'm assuming you have one based on your username).

I own a Sig, have shot H&Ks and own Berettas. The Berettas are more enjoyable to shoot, especially with a D spring installed.

My P226 (MK25) is an awesome pistol but I really don't like the shape of the grip as much as a Beretta.

Every time I pick up an H&K I wonder WTF anyone sees in them. Expensive, super ugly, bulky, high bore axis, horrendous trigger. But everyone clams up and pops a boner over 'em. I guess because they're expensive? IDK...
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