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PW, you seem to ask for it man. Is getting called names and being made fun of something you enjoy? I mean its no problem, the folks here on GT will be happy to oblige. But have you considered taking another approach? Maybe stop theorizing and start reading factual reports? I understand your distrust of the govt even though I don't agree, I like your passion for what you believe, and I support you in your quest for the truth, but dude......haven't you had enough yet? I mean there's gotta be something else to look into at this point. Maybe start thinking from a non-conspiracy standpoint. Maybe that'll help? I don't know, all I know is what's done is done, those that lost family in the trade center, pentagon, flight 93, and the war are tired of hearing nutty folks talk about who did it and how wrong we were and how the war isn't right etc etc etc. Give it, and them, a rest. Allow the memories of those lost on 9-11 to go on with honor and without question. If you can't be a believer, at least be an American. Let those we lost rest in peace and let it go already.
Thanks, carry on.

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