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Originally Posted by certifiedfunds View Post
A private business makes compensation decisions based on a profit motive. How much value does the person bring to the organization? How will this person help us make more money?

The government has no such consideration. It operates in a zero sum environment. It doesn't grow the pie. Every dollar it spends paying an employed must be taken from someone else by force.

Therefore 2 things:

We want our best talent out growing the pie, not eating it.

Government must make do with what it gets. Make talent fit that.

Generally speaking people who want to achieve, people driven to do more and do it better, don't even consider bottom dollar government jobs. Nor should they. That's how it should be.

Government jobs are there for folks with low ambition, marginal skill sets, few options.
Wow....I don't think I can even give your post the response it deserves without breaking the TOS....

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