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Guys, haven't you figured it out yet? PW is just messing with you. He argues because he likes to. Every time a 9/11 thread comes up with him in it, you are all been essentially trolled.

There was this kid I knew back in middle school who would have the rest of the class tied up in knots because he would argue that the earth rotates around the moon. He was very fond of circular argument, fancy SAT-words (sound familiar?) and held fast to it being a conspiracy that NASA and the gov't were in on. I was a friend of sorts of his, and I knew that he knew that he was FOS, but it was funny as hell to watch all the hair-pulling and foot-stomping from all the other kids as they tried to get past his bull****. Just like on here.

As a matter of fact, PW, is your name Everett? How's it going, man? Haven't seen you since 8th grade!
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That's true. Because those with very high IQs are often found on the general BS section of gun forums, stating as much to those who will listen.
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