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Originally Posted by IvanVic View Post
And you solution, apparently, is to retort by doing the same thing?...people who somehow think this teen punching someone is a super-relevant political issue, but vehemently object to the idea that anyone would even dare mention a crime committed by a white person in this forum.
Actually, I didn't say we should "retort by doing the same thing", YOU said that. You're 'fudging facts'.

I think the first step to solving this problem is to acknowledge that there is a problem. When you write, "this teen", you are sticking your head in the sand and ignoring the fact that he is a black, racist thug, not just some innocent teen. Again, you are fudging facts, almost as if you have some kind of hidden agenda. Care to tell us about it?

Where did I "vehemently object...(to any)...mention of a crime by a white person"? Please cite the post where I allegedly did this. If you fail to cite said post, then the obvious conclusion is that you are, let's just say, being 'economical with the truth'. Or, 'fudging facts'. Why?
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