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Originally Posted by Glock36shooter View Post
This is the only part of your statement I take issue with. When I see all the suffering going on in the world... I do not think there is a being looking after us. Take a look at that picture again. That is life. If there is a God or higher being... He/She/It/They are not involved in our daily lives. Of that I'm certain. That feeling that someone was looking out for you when you had that motorcycle wreck and barely got a scratch... There's no magic to that. You could have just as easily died. Random chance mixed with a million other variables. I know it makes you feel good to think there was an angel or spirit or fairy or elf watching over you. But we really are just animals like any other doing our best to survive in our environment.
And this is where I disagree with you. No hate or hurt feelings just something we disagree on. I feel that god or whatever watches out for us, that doesn't always mean flowers and rainbows. There is no better way to educate the human race than through suffering. We learn by experiencing pain. Like a child grabbing a hot pan on a stove top. Now am I saying that's cool or something that I agree with? No, but its the way I see things.
When I got cancer I was a 19 year old straight A college student who had lived a nearly perfect life. My faith wavered and I began living a hedonistic lifestyle. Then, after crawling out of the depths of my own self destruction, I began to understand that all the bad had led me to where I was and I was happy. Gods plan or coincidence? I'm sure we will disagree on this, but at least now that we've read each others thought and views we can disagree while still respecting each others views and each others right to express their views.
However, I still don't think atheists should post on threads by Christians telling them how wrong they are and making fun at their expense. Not for religious reasons, and not because of the first amendment, basically just because its disrespectful to others. Being polite is the right thing to do, whether your a Christian or an atheist or an odinite or whatever you may be. We all have the right to enjoy our faith or lack of faith or whatever.

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