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Originally Posted by CAcop View Post
Apparently you missed "somewhat similarly."

Unless of course your motto for government worker's pay is "pay ****, get ****."

Which is perfect for you since you live in the South.
So is it a "prevailing" wage or a "somewhat similarly" wage?

I don't have a motto about government workers pay. Generally speaking I think "pay ****, get ****" is a pretty good one though. Lets face it, if you're willing to accept government work that pretty much means you're going to "give ****" or you'd be in the productive sector in the first place. So, yeah, pay **** get ****.

Also, like I said (perhaps you missed it) it isn't good for the country to have government competing with industry for talent. Like anything else government does, it will make for an inefficient use of resources. So "pay ****, get ****" is actually pretty good, yeah.

Then reduce taxes on the productive sector.

Government workers should aspire to move into the productive sector, like a promotion. They should dream of it and want to get out of government ASAP. Working for the government shouldn't be pleasant.

Then, miraculously, public pension obligations go down.

Amazing how that works.

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