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Originally Posted by roger123 View Post
I love my iPad, I already had an iPhone so I had apps and was used to the form factor. I have replaced my laptop but for one thing and that is Garmin Mapsource. I still need a computer for mapping, but other than that I never take out my laptop.
Garmin does have several apps for iPhone/iPad...

If your tablet supports GPS, there are several apps, both free and paid, that will allow for offline (no cellular/wifi service) GPS mapping. Currently using Navfree USA: Free on my Nexus 7 for offline mapping. Its not as good as my Garmin Nuvi GPS but its usable.

This issue brings up the point that while a tablet or cell phone can do many things, there are times when having a dedicated device like a camera or GPS is better. Tablets and cell phones tend to have compromises in hardware or software since they are designed to so many things versus being dedicated to only one task.
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