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Guns will ALWAYS have a stigma around them because they have the capability of being lethal. Many people become nervous when they see a civilian with a gun simply because of that fact. You also have the people that have the belief that only LEO's and people in the military should have firearms. This leads to phone calls to 911 in OC states that the police HAVE to respond to. Depending on the demeanor and the choice of words by the caller (who is already most likely afraid, and/or anti 2nd), this may affect the way the responding officer approaches the situation. A previous experience may also have an impcat on the way the officer handles things. These people deal with the scum of the earth daily, and the scum of the earth with a firearm certainly does not have the same intentions as a law abiding citizen open carrying legally. Keep all that in mind before condemning the way an officer approaches someone with a gun. They do not know you or your intentions and will always approach the situation as such.

In my eyes, people who open carry do it to let everyone know that they are exercising their 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms and are proud that they are doing so. There is nothing wrong with this, however nobody who does should ever be upset by the attention it causes, both good and bad.

Even if OC were allowed in FL, I would never do it. I prefer for NOBODY around me to be aware that I am armed. On more than one occasion, I have went to reach for something high on a shelf in a store and exposed my pistol to some really weird looks ranging from disgusted to frightened to the nod of agreement. I would never invite this kind of attention.

Just my .02
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