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Originally Posted by Dragoon44 View Post
Only OC activists can believe two things that contradict one another and yet believe BOTH to be true.

Example: They maintain that a openly carried firearm is a deterrent to criminals. But then also maintain that a firearm should be viewed as no different than a pencil or some other mundane item.

That's it.

Bad guys should see OC, and immediately see a steely eyed killer, ready to draw down and deal lead, and have urine run down their leg, thinking how close they came to termination, by just even contemplating about committing a robbery.

Good guys, should see OC, and see a benevolent display of personal rights, a gentle man who would only act if prodded past the limits of human tolerance for bad behavior, if only the butterflies and bluebirds flying around him would just get out of the way enough to actually see OC.

I sure miss the country I grew up in.

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