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Damn I hate talking politics,too many bone heads!
And thanks to you WARRIOR ...........!
What is a (neocon).? They are dilligant group of people who have worked there way into all seats of power and controll WORLD WIDE.
A very elite group who own all control all and censord all!

They have a term called(ACCEPTIBLE COLATERAL DAMAGE) !
This price is usually payed in (BLOOD SHED) your's,mine,the
towers,the wars,on and on and on ,etc.!

The media,they own it,our government,yeap,that to !Anything worth owning they own,oil,gold,unbelievable powers.Even our millitary is exploited by these sick *****!

Lets talk oil!does anybody here realize how important oil is?
All plastics,paints,tooth-brush,more than half your car is made OF OIL ! One tire=7gals oil Think. Everything is based on ONE resource.
And is finite and not infinite,only so much on this blue ball and the BS rages!

In the world,the Arabic nations own and control 25% of all the oil reserves on this planet. We can't just blow up towers and kill people straight forward for the oil so they invent subtle sneeky tactics to throw us off.They think we are stupid,maybe they are right ,yes?

Any chess players here? Look at where we have millitary might and maybe think?You think it not probable to be an inside job on the towers,(ACCEPTIBLE COLATERAL DAMAGE) !THINK!

And of course,I have a list of people that would rock your world
before they do !!!!!!!!!!!!! PS: Thanks WARRIOR !

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