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Originally Posted by barth View Post
It's strange how a gun can feel heavenly in the hand at the gun shop.
And then not so much in live fire.
I've had the same experience with different guns.

The P30 is like that for me.
At the LGS it feels better than any gun I've ever handled.
At the range the skateboard tape thin grips don't agree with me.
Granted I haven't tried all the various side and back grip panels.
Tried four or five sleeves and settled on Hogue.
Now I shoot well with her.
But the guns right on the edge of too big and thick to carry comfortably.
Added a Surefire X300 and will use her for home defense.

Then there is the P2K that feels average in the hand at the LGS.
But with a Hogue grip sleeve she feels and shoots outstanding at the range.
Even though the P30 and P2K are very similar in size.
I find carrying the P2K much more pleasurable.
Natural pointing and perfect balance I had to get two!

It's funny how things work out...
It is a crazy thing for sure! I don't know how many guns I've bought and sold over the years because of this. (I can't keep track but I can tell you it's been more than I want to think about! )

That is why I try to shoot someone else's gun of the same type and caliber that I'm interested in before I purchase it. It saves me me alot of time, money, and grief!
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