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Originally Posted by Tophatter View Post
How's the full-size HK45 grip compare in size to the P30? The P30 with a small backstrap and small right palmswell is perfect for me, and while I don't want to give up on HK's 45s, I doubt anything they make will come close to that circumference. The HK45C definitely doesn't, and I can't imagine the full-size is any thinner.

Wish I could find out, but full-size HK45s are as rare as honest politicians around here.
It's a completely different grip. The full size HK 45 feels great in my hands and I have small hands. The grip on the HK 45 compact is more akin to the P2000 in my opinion. I still find the P2000 more comfortable than the 45c and I shoot it better. (Strange I know.)

To me, the full size feels thinner. The only explanation I can come up with for that is the different contour of the grip and where my hand sits on the gun. I guess it's a individual thing. When I first looked at the HK 45 I didn't think I would like the grip and that it would be too big for me. Man was I wrong! The HK 45 became my daily carry very rapidly following my first few range sessions with it.

For me to switch away from my prized and beloved 229 .40 Sig, that says alot!

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