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Originally Posted by Averageman View Post
My Ex brought my Son back on Sunday afternoon with a diaper so full the it was falling off of him.
I was working in the yard and digging some post holes when She pulled in the drive. I had the hose in my hand as I was using the water to soften the dirt I was digging.
As I carried the hose back with me to turn it off I saw my Son, my Ex and this giant nasty diaper. I took my Son from her and the diaper literally fell off of him and hit the driveway.
I am disappointed I had so little self control, but I sprayed her with the hose all the way back to the car and out the driveway.
Later when the Depuity showed up, he actually thought it was pretty damned funny.

While as a fellow member of the "crazy ex-wive/*****ty mother club" I do NOT encourage anyone to do what you did, but you sir DO have my respect for doing so.

Trust me, I'd love to hose mine down too, I just would hate to live with the fallout (and I'm not talking legal either).
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