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Neither the 9mm or the .40 would be my first choice for deer hunting, not even for a 20 yard shot. I'm sure it can and has been done thou. The above poster recommended a G20. If I were to use a Glock to hunt that would be the cartridge I'd use with a 6" barrel and propper hot 10mm loads. Of the choices the G23 would work better of the 2 with hot loads, check into what a Lone Wolf 6" barrel would cost. Nothing worse than losing a wounded 10 pointer due to a poorly aimed shot or from a weak caliber. (not to imply your aim sucks but I've seen it too many times at the hunt club on both counts). I may be biased since I use a .44 Super Black Hawk with a 7 3/4" barrel and 300gr flat nosed hard casts on the Ga deer/hogs. Good hunting and let us know how you make out.
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