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Originally Posted by adamg01 View Post
Hk is at least $200 overpriced for a plastic gun with a bad trigger.
The triggers aren't anything to write home about but think about something:

HK pistols are used all across the globe and in places where the ammunition supply quality can be questionable at best. This being so, HK manufactures their guns to function with a wide verity of ammunition including ammunition with rather hard primers.

This is some of the reason that their triggers aren't as great as brand X. Sure, their triggers aren't anything to write home about but they are more than usable. I can shoot them just fine. They certainly aren't a match grade trigger but they are useable and are capable of being learned by the shooter with practice just like anything else. Besides, I didn't buy a HK with the notion that I was buying a match grade gun. (Although they are just about as accurate!)

As for the price, quality costs money. It costs HK money to procure and produce quality components and quality firearms. They don't and won't skimp on quality and the only choice they have is to pass that cost along to the consumer.

In a world that most firearm manufactures are cheapening up the gun and charging the same price for them, HK is maintaining a level of quality that's unmatched by almost every other manufacture on the market. Their prices remain on the high side so they can continue to deliver the quality that those of us that appreciate their fine firearms expect.

I know what it's going to cost me when I purchase a HK and I have no problem with laying down the cash for them. I run my guns hard. I go through quite a bit of ammo in a years time. I don't abuse my guns but I don't baby them either. Since I shoot the snot out of my guns, they have a tendency to break. I had problems with every other brand I've owned but I'm yet to have those problems with HK's.

I'm sure sooner or later something will break as it will with anything that's man made. I'd be a fool to think or believe otherwise. With that being said, I'm yet to have ANY of my HK's fail or give me the troubles that some other brands of tactical Tupperware have given me.

There is one really good reason I continue to choose HK over everything else.

HK lives up to the claims that the other guns rarely ever do. They aren't perfect but they are the next closest thing and I'm yet to find another mass produced gun out of the box that tops them in any way. People can say and believe whatever they want but I'm convinced through my own experiences that HK's are right at the number one spot on the polymer pistol list and will be for the foreseeable future.

Nothing else even comes close to a HK.

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