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Originally Posted by Bill Powell View Post
two shots of a production VW from the thrities, two Hebmullers, a later custom coach car, a delivery vanthat is a VW in name only I can't remember what the orange coupe is called, and the white convertible is a Puma, a project belonging to a friend of mine named Gregory Hines. After 22,000 cars the Brazillian governtment in and said, "okay you're closed. Too much foreign involvement" and that was that. He does the Beck 550 Spyder there now. They're starting to move away from the VW air cooled engines.
Un modified VW air cooled engines aren't very efficient. I had a 1600 cc 1971 Super Beetle that pumped out only 60 HP.

The 1800cc Toyota 1zz-FE engine, used in the Corolla and Matrix, produces 131 hp. Now, it has fuel injection, 4 valves per cylinder, and variable valve timing, but by their nature, air cooled engines HAVE to run fairly rich, or they overheat.
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