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Thanks for the kind words. I hope you don't mind if I offer a few personal observations on the various Glock models, relating to your upcoming choice.

Having owned/used/carried a Gen2 G19 for almost 10 years, when I first grabbed a Gen3, the fingergrooves felt out-of-place to me, too. But when shooting the Gen2 rapidly, I had always seen a tendency for it to slowly work its way upward until my grip was compromised. It was worse when the gun was mid-winter-in-Fargo cold, or when my hand and the environment were both hot/humid. The fingergrooves really help lock the Glock into position in my hand, even when conditions aren't favorable for rapid firing. After firing just a few magazines, I was hooked, and I've never looked back. I keep a Gen1 and Gen2 around just for old times' sake, but for fast/serious shooting, Gen3 and 4 are simply better, IMO. The only exception is if your hand is so very large or small that the fingergrooves force an unnatural position of your fingers, like thin fingers spread widely apart, or thick fingers jammed together and riding on TOP of the ridges between the grooves.

The gripping surface of the Gen4 guns is fairly aggressive, and some folks don't like it for just that reason. It can be hard on clothes, seats, and any muffin-top fat rolls a person might have hanging over their belt. But it really shines where it counts, keeping that grip solid in your hand when shooting rapidly. The Gen3 RTF2 is also pretty rough, but it is a bit more fine-grained; some like it over the Gen4, but I think I'd still choose a Gen4 if I could only have one.

Before I sold it, I got a chance to shoot my old Gen3 model 22 in .40 side-by-side with my new Gen4 model 22. The snappy recoil was definitely easier to control with the Gen4, and I felt it was slightly less bouncy to begin with, probably due to the new dual recoil spring. I was sold on the .40 caliber Gen4s from that point on, and I will probably upgrade my G35 and G27 to Gen4 models at sometime in the future.

Good luck and good shooting with whatever you choose!

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