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Originally Posted by JuneyBooney View Post

the Rebel is fine for class and they do provide the bikes at the classes. I would suggest a Harley for you and probably the Fat Boy types with the large tires as they are easier to ride slowly. The wife could get a small 883 Sportster or larger depending on how well she learns. Also check your pocketbook and what you have to take care kids, dogs etc. That will sway your decision.

Also, be extra cautious when people are making left turns in front of you and don't drink and ride and watch out at intersections. Good luck in your decisions.
We don't drink so drinking and driving is out,car,bike or anything else.For the first 3 -4 months we will spend burning up old country road,with lots of stops at Hillbilly hotdogs along the way.

Once she gets up to speed after the class,we'll look for something.

Now I have decided to go ahead and get geared up,her and I both.I'm passing that class and i'm riding,she'll either ride behind me or beside to me.

Oh and who ever said to call about insurance,great idea.With the class(passing)my insurance,full coverage will only be a $135.62 a year (for both bikes hopefully)

ride sally ride

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