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Originally Posted by brianfede View Post
I would agree 100% with the goofy color schemes (I can't stand some of the colors) but I have to say I really don't mind the rail on my P226 Elite, that said, I would NEVER buy a 1911 with a rail or a 1911 that I can't sling shot. As far as price goes, I buy most of my guns used. I mostly try to buy at a price point where I know I can re-sell if needed. There are those few guns, however, that I would pay a silly premium, P210 and a Korth. Just haven't been able to find a reasonable deal. If i were the OP, I would shoot each if possible or be patient and find a used gun, that you know you can re-sell without taking a loss. I think with the holiday's nearing people will be looking to thin their herd and some deals will present themselves.

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