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Originally Posted by certifiedfunds View Post
Prevailing wage isn't necessary for gov employees. There will always be plenty of people without better options to take those jobs. Performance will remain static.
There is always a prevailing wage, even for government workers. Maybe my view is colored by living and working in and near the Silicon Valley for nearly 20 years.

An IT worker for a governement needs to be paid and compensated somewhat similarly to a private sector work. If not he will leave for the private sector. The city of San Jose is about to learn that lesson the hard way. I suspect within a few years their IT department will consist of new grads looking for experience and then moving on quickly. There will of course be a cost to this turnover.

Now for my job. Sure their is no direct equivalent for my job in the private sector. However their are dozens of governement agencies within easy commute times of where I live. Take San Jose for example. Thier pay used to be consistently #3 for the county they are in. Their benefits was probably last but at least they had plenty of assignments. They laid off over 100 cops. They then tried to hire them back when a bunch started leaving for other agencies. They could see the writing on the wall. Now they are dead last in terms of pay and benefits, possibly for the entire Bay Area. An area of 7.7 million people. They have gone from 1400 officers to just under 1000. For 1 million people in the city. Each one of those officers retired or left for other departments. During good economic times they have a 6% hire rate from app to hire. For the planned academy class they have coming up they are going to have to interview 1,000 people minimum to get what they want. I suspect they will not fill their academy spots because they are dead last in pay and benefits.

Maybe it is because you are from the South that you think the way you do. Traditionally the South has had the worst pay and training for officers. Maybe you guys in the South just don't care about the quality of officers you have protecting you. I guess CA here in the West, which has paid the best and has given new officers the most training, cares more about who is going to come when they dial 911.
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