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Originally Posted by HollowHead View Post
Again, please respond in your own words instead of someone else's videos. I anted up and told you about the materials I handled in WTC I and II and only ask the same consideration in return. HH
While I have no reason to doubt you were there and or worked there, however, I state for the record that I categorically do not believe your assertion that office items caused the explosions witnessed, videoed, and recorded on 09-11-2001.

There are just too many eyewitnesses that state differently and I believe them a LOT more than I believe you.

Additionally, there is way too much video photoage and way too many audio recordings from the day of 09-11-2001, which clearly and unequivocally controvert your entire premise, theory, and or hypothesis concerning such office items being able to cause what is clearly evident on the aforementioned graphic material.
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